Our artists

 Paula Madden paula madden

   Gallery 1: fine art: 'Big Jurassic'. Landscapes of the English coast   

   Gallery 2: fine art: landscapes of the French Cevennes  

   Gallery 3: accessories: textile sculptures of Devon woods 'beasties' 

   Gallery 4: fine art (drawings): wild herbs and ponds of the Devon woods 


Mark Chladmark chlad

   Gallery 1: fine art: 'Quasar'. Metaphors for living in the anharmonic age    

  Gallery 2: fine art: 'Consulo'. Portraits in anharmonics  




Tim Oldhamtim oldham

   Gallery 1: furniture: modern manifestation and traditional techniques

   Gallery 2: interiors: radical evolution and timeless materials  

   Gallery 3: accessories: unusual wooden accessories   



Henry Mandellhenry mandell

   Gallery 1: fine art: visual stimulation and implied meaning     





    Finbar Madden   

   Gallery 1: fine art: 'Spanish delights'    

   Gallery 2: fine art: 'Earthly delights'  

   Gallery 3: fine art: 'land and ley-lines'  

   Gallery 4: accessories: the 'far side'  


   Alfonso Madden

   Gallery 1: 'Who Are You'?: journeys in the lands of shadows  

   Gallery 2: 'Pilzesuchen and Vernugen': natural illustration of funghi