Newlondonart listing of events associated with our artists and friends

Tim Oldham and Paula Madden

'Present Makers 2010': Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton, Devon, UK. 20 November - 24 December 2010

NewLondonArt is supporting our resident artists, Tim Oldham and Paula Madden, at the 'Present Makers 2010' exhibition this year.

Previous 'Present Makers' have always been unique exhibitions in that they showcase works that are not normally associated with the exhibiting artist - so long as it is work that could conceivably be considered 'fit for a present'.

Tim, our furniture maker, will be demonstrating his appreciation of the beauty of wood in a variety of surprising crafted objects, whilst Paula - our landscape artist - will be presenting some cherished, spiritually inspired monoprints.

We hope you will join us in supporting them!



Mark Chlad, exhibition in London, December 2009

NewLondonArt is pleased to announce "What the Cat Saw": a new exhibition of portrait paintings by Mark Chlad, 3-6 December 2009 at Acquire Arts Gallery, 155 Battersea Park Road, London, SW8 4BU.

Let's hear from the artist:

"In this inaugural exhibition of portrait work I have documented a progression from an initial source of inspiration, towards a dynamic expression of physical characteristics that provide an insight into the humanity of the subject.

Essentially, portrait work is the last great challenge in art, in that you can only exercise a limited amount of artistic licence if you are painting on commission with the stipulation that the work must resemble the subject. Otherwise the portrait fails.

Personally, I feel that capturing physical characteristics is not enough. It merely confirms the fact of artistic competency, whilst for me a portrait is only complete when you can convince yourself and others that you have captured the subject's humanity.

For this reason these portraits, whilst being factual representations, are not simply reflections or photographs. These are paintings where people say:

"…you captured her 'sparkle' …"

"…I actually feel quite emotional looking at him…"

"…It's unnerving…"

Whilst you can't actually know what the subject is thinking, you can see that the subject is thinking. Or laughing. Or about to speak. As such, the paintings are a focus of individual/collective intuition and debate.

Leonardo da Vinci once said: "…an artist should be able to paint the man…and the intent of his mind…". Taking this to heart, I have distilled the challenge of painting portraits into one simple goal: to capture thoughts before they are gone forever."

NewLondonArt will be at the private view on 3 December, and we hope to meet to meet you there.


A Doll's House: Northcote Theatre, Exeter, UK

Newlondonart is pleased to support Samuel Adamson's version of 'A Doll's House' by Henrik Ibsen, directed by Rebecca Manson Jones. Playing at Exeter Northcote Theatre, Exeter, from 9-26 September 2009. Highly recommended. 



Henry Mandell: exhibition in New York

We are pleased to announce Henry Mandell's new exhibition 'Digital Manipulations' at the Marist College Art Gallery, New York. Henry is one of our resident artists, and specialises in art as a substrate for visual stimulation and implied meaning.

The show is running from 12 march - 17 April, and will feature works such as 'Noetic 14D' (below): ultrachrome ink on paper. 880mm X 2,000mm.

For more details see here at Newlondonart and here for Henry Mandell.


Robert Boucnik

Newlondonart is proud to support 'The Robot in your Living Room'; the groundbreaking comedy by London playwright Robert Boucnik.







Here's a brief description from Mr Boucnik, and we look forward to writing a review soon.