Friends of

Thelma Hulbert Gallery: the only public art gallery in East Devon

Amber: art-gothic rock/folk band of the late '80s early '90s. RIP and God bless.

Henry Mandell: manager of the Rothko Collection, and New York based artist featured on

Mark Chlad: London based artist

Eclectic School of Jewellery and Design: silver and ceramic clay bespoke jewellery

Branco Stoysin Trio: jazz combo with unique eastern-European folk influence and highly inventive guitar/percussion insights  

RemoteGoat: definitive London theatre review site, with unique insights and time for interesting, non-mainstream productions 

Ark Pottery: unique bespoke items from this UK west-country independent pottery studio  

Children's Portraits: artist Mathew Cutts converts family photographs into unique hand-painted artwork