Fine art: abstract geometrical portraits and object studies

 Mark Chlad 

"I posit an answer and wait for the question. That is, I trained as a scientist, and as such I take a post-rationalistic orientated approach to the externalities of my work - rather than the internalities. However, internalities are expressed hermeneutically - the observer choosing for themselves the 'rationale-platform' from which he/she views the internal subject. I sort of try and transduce the ontological approach into a more modal form. Turn it on its head, if you like. But can I achieve this? It's a question I ask myself of every output. I don't usually get an answer… so I try and express the 'question' instead."

mark chlad
After graduating from Bristol University in 1990 in Chemistry, Mark became interested in the depiction of spectra - particularly the fact that genetic, chromatographic, crystallographic and quantum spectra involve layers of energies. His work focuses around the idea of constructed spectral images since - essentially - this is what we are when observed scientifically.
Mark lives in London with his partner and their pet cat, Siouxsie. 
Gallery 1: fine art: 'Quasar'. Metaphors for living in the anharmonic age
Gallery 2: fine art:' 'Consulo'. Portraits in anharmonics